Scheduled Classes

If you do not see the class you are interested in listed below, please give us a call. Often, we can schedule a class to suit your needs.

We also offer a Hybrid Class, where you take an AHA on-line section at your convenience, then meet up with one of our instructors for a quick and easy skill section.  (707) 570-9226 or

September 1, 2022Wilderness First Aid Hands-On Skills Practice
September 2, 2022CPR/AED/FA at Oscar's Place
September 10, 2022Wilderness First Aid plus CPR/AED in Hopland
September 13, 2022CPR/AED and First Aid at the Hopland Band of Pomo Indians
September 15, 2022CPR/AED/First Aid for Catie Clune's group in Glen Ellen
September 20, 2022CPR/AED/FA at Hopland Band of Pomo Indians
September 22, 2022CPR/AED & FA at Martin Griffin Preserve
September 26, 2022CPR/AED/FA Coyote Valley
October 13, 2022CPR/AED and First Aid at TLC
October 22, 2022 CPR/AED & First Aid at Bellvue School
November 1, 2022CPR/AED & FA at Pt. Reyes Station

December 27, 2022WFA at Pinoleville
January 3-4, 2023 Fort Bragg
January 6, 2023CPR/AED & First Aid at Pinoleville
February 8, 2023CPR/AED/FA at Fort Mason
February 9, 2023CPR/AED & First Aid at TLC
At your convenience CPR/AED and/or First Aid Hybrid Class with in person skills check. Please call for details.