ICS for Schools, Businesses & Organizations

The Incident Command System (ICS) is a simple structure that allows you to bring order to chaos during an emergency.  This systems of organization is used by all Fire & EMS agencies across the nation.  Its use is strongly encouraged for all schools, businesses and organizations, simply because it works, and allows for first responders to more easily coordinate with the affected group during an emergency.

Typically,  ICS is presented in a fashion that is overwhelming, and virtually impossible to utilize by organizations that do not use it on a regular basis.  Here at NCFEMS Training, we’ve developed a simple  way for your group to learn and effectively employ ICS during an emergency.  One hour of your time is all you need to get started.  After we introduce you to the simplicity of ICS, you can develop your Emergency Response Plan (ERP), or we can take you through as many steps as you like, including table top exercises and full scale drills involving your local first responders.

If you already have an ERP, we’d be happy to review it, and make suggestions on how to make it more user friendly, for free.

Developing an effective  Emergency Response Plan is both easy and inexpensive.  Give us a call, we’d love to discuss how you can get started.