Posted by: Ken | June 29, 2023

It’s a WFA wrap!

Another two day Wilderness First Aid plus CPR/AED Course at Blue Waters Kayaking. Perhaps the best group there since 2013. This group of mostly Kayak Tour Guides, National Park Rangers and a representative from Search and Rescue, were an absolute blast to spend time with. Special thanks to Dallas Smith and Elizabeth Wilhelm for their sponsorship.

Posted by: Ken | June 27, 2021

Training you can trust!

In an emergency, we rise or fall to the level of our training.

From First Responders to Childcare Providers, we tailor each course to fit our client’s needs.

Posted by: Ken | March 9, 2020

Emergency Response Training

We’re excited to be chosen to develop a comprehensive Emergency Response Plan for the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas in Talmage, CA.


This unique product whereby the bees harvest their pollen from the Manuka Plant is now a staple at surgical centers, and here’s why:  

  • The healing process is accelerated .
  • It’s antibacterial properties are far better than your OTC antibacterial creams. 
  • Instead of targeting only a few bacteria, it makes the wound bed inhospitable to all bacteria by dehydrating them. 
  • Unlike Neosporin, it is hypoallergenic. 
  • Doesn’t spoil
  • Keeps the wound sealed and moist, which promotes healing.

We’ve found the best price for this product here.

Benzoin Compound Tincture

Also known as a medical varnish,  this substance has several excellent applications.

  • For bandaging in areas that may get wet or moist, paint a strip of it on either side of the laceration.  Let it dry until it becomes tacky.  Your bandaging will stick well enough to allow the closing of the wound, should you so choose. 
  • When examining your feet during a hike for potential blister spots, if the skin is red, but not broken,  painting some BCT over that area will be like adding several layers of flexible skin.


Tweezers that magnify and light up where you need to use them.

You’ve no doubt had an irritating splinter that you could feel, but not see.  These tweezers will easily allow you to find and extract not only splinters, but any debris that needs to be removed from a wound. 

Sting Sticks

This product will reduce the painful bite or sting from a yellow jacket, honey bee, scorpion, etc., etc. from a roaring pain to a dull thud instantaneously. We recommend removing the swabs from the packaging BEFORE you need them. That packaging does NOT want you to get inside!

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