Wilderness First Aid & Rescue

 Wilderness First Aid (16 hours)

This is a two day course, and can be designed to address the specific needs of your group.

Become confident and prepared to explore the great outdoors, having learned how to avoid danger, while being prepared for the unexpected.  While there’s a great deal of emphasis on how to avoid injuries, how to address them in a wilderness setting where you are hours or more from definitive care will be the core focus of this course.  You’ll develop  medical skill sets that exceed what is normally addressed in an urban setting, such as the reduction of angular fractures and dislocations while addressing a comprehensive set of first aid techniques that you’ll find invaluable no matter where they’re required.

Our curriculum follows the National Association of Search & Rescue (NASAR) guidelines for certification, while paralleling those of NOLS and BSA.  CPR & AED training and certification is also included.  Two areas that we find are typically not included in other courses are long term wound care, and emergency scene management.  By the end of this course, you’ll be well versed in both.


Fee: $175.00 (NASAR WFA Certification). Otherwise $150.00 


WFA 8 Hour Course

This eight hour course focuses specifically on the advanced first aid skills that are taught in the 16 hour course. Whether you are near or far from definitive care, you’ll be prepared to apply patient assessment & treatment skills in a highly stressful situation.

Fee: $80.00