Wilderness First Aid & Rescue

 Wilderness First Aid & Rescue

Classes now forming for July & August!

Become prepared to explore the great outdoors, having learned how to avoid danger, while being prepared for the unexpected.  Wilderness First Aid, combined with the basics of mechanical advantage systems, and Swift Water Rescue Awareness training, will help insure both safe and rewarding adventures.

The upcoming 20 hour courses are divided into a series of 4 hour classes which will be scheduled to the convenience of those who have preregistered.

Our curriculum not only follows the ASHI guidelines for certification, while paralleling those of NOLS and BSA, it exceeds them.  CPR & AED training and certification is also included.

We’ll also be exploring mechanical advantage systems and swift water rescue awareness, which are generally not included in WFA classes.

Mechanical Advantage Systems:
With a small amount of rope, you can devise mechanical advantage systems which move objects normally requiring five times your strength (or more). Students will learn essential knots, as well as how to set up mechanical advantage systems.

Swift Water Rescue Awareness:
Outdoor adventures often involve rivers and streams. Understanding the dynamics of river hydraulics, along with basic rescue techniques, can make all the difference in critical situations. In these scenarios, students will also utilize their mechanical advantage skills.

In this course you’ll not only enjoy the learning activities, you’ll also acquire critical emergency medical management skills that will last a lifetime.
Fee: $150.00